FrameWorks Institute Helps Jacksonville Community Change The Conversation

FrameWorks Institute partnered with JSOCI to research, develop,and implement a multidisciplinary train-the-trainer toolkit of values and metaphors to help those working in the child and family services sectors communicate more effectively about the mental health in our community. By communicating more effectively and consistently using the FrameWorks tools, child-serving organizations can help people better understand how children’s health and well-being can be best supported by everyone.

Through an evidence-based approach and training program, framing strategies have been developed for community-wide implementation to help unite and amplify the message, thereby fostering a greater sense of unity in the areas of Civic Potential, Human Potential, and Civic Responsibility.

The end goal is to build a common message platform that advocates can use to build public support for programs and policies that promote child well-being and tap into the shared aspirations for the city’s capacity to be a more united community in which all children can thrive.

To jump on board with Jacksonville’s child-serving organizations who are helping the community better understand the importance of how we talk about mental health, click here.< /p>

Frameworks Institute’s report "All Aboard: Explanatory Tools to Talk About Children’s Well-Being in Jacksonville” is available at frameworks The report provides the results of experimental framing research and recommends ways of explaining “system of care” initiatives to address child mental health. Solid Tracks for Development is an Explanatory Metaphor that helps make the coordination of systems concrete and accessible for the public.

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